Don’t be scared but be resilient

It's very daunting to constantly feel that whatever you do and whatever you eat could potentially kill you because your immune system is responding aggressively not just to germs and allergens but mainly to yourself, your own tissues, your body...What in the world, right? Only people who have such health condition can completely understand this. … Continue reading Don’t be scared but be resilient

Healing My Scarred Lung with Food and Exercise


I have been living with lung condition called Lung Fibrosis or idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, assume to be caused by Systemic Scleroderma since 2012. The symptoms including. * Dry coughing * Chest discomfort, shortness of breath and chest pain * Fatigue and weakness. It can be scary living with a lung condition because I tend to … Continue reading Healing My Scarred Lung with Food and Exercise

Road to Recovery and Healing…It’s Exciting Time!


Finally! I got to really pen down my lessons, experiences and knowledges about myself and my relationship with food!!! After 6 years of procrastinating, 6 years of living with massive pains every single day and heavily medicated. I am now putting everything behind and move forward. I am now a better me. A bit broken but better.  … Continue reading Road to Recovery and Healing…It’s Exciting Time!

Beef Herbs Salad

I am cooking histamine-free food/AIP recipe because I am histamine intolerant and I have multiple autoimmune conditions. I am delightful to share this recipe with you all because this recipe makes me feel good and energetic through out the day after eating it, and it's delicious! This dish is high fat, high protein and very … Continue reading Beef Herbs Salad

Gluten-free Egg Yolk Cookies

This cookie was decorated with love by my son ❤️ There’s more than just fun and joy in making cookies during this time of the year, the Christmas 🎄🎄🎄. I am also taking this opportunity to educate children about food, treat and healthy options at our display, body awareness and eating with consciousness. Although at … Continue reading Gluten-free Egg Yolk Cookies

Broccoli and Brazil nuts and Artichoke soup

Soup is such a comfort food especially in a place like Melbourne, Australia where the weather has four seasons in a day and it’s most of the time cold and chilling. I like soup also because it increases my fluid intake and keep body hydrated and give the body nutrients it needs. Here is another … Continue reading Broccoli and Brazil nuts and Artichoke soup

Almond Egg Yolk Cookies (sugar free)

Here comes healthy cookies recipe!!! This recipe was born because a mother’s love for her children 🧡💛💛! She requested me to create healthy cookies recipe for her children so they can decorate, have fun and eat healthy treats. There’s no other love greater than a mother’s love 🧡💛💛 Why Almond flour and egg yolk? Almond … Continue reading Almond Egg Yolk Cookies (sugar free)

Almond Egg Yolks Cupcake, Microwave (1 minute)

I’ve never thought I would ever get to make such a delicious low carbs cupcake in just minutes!!! I have tried to make cakes, using multiple recipes available out there, so far...non of them actually turnout well for me. Also, I found the ingredients just don’t agree with my delicate body. I need simple, few … Continue reading Almond Egg Yolks Cupcake, Microwave (1 minute)