Herbs are My New Greens

Can you imagine you can't eat the vegetables that said to be good for you?If you have Autoimmunity issues, some of you might know this. Since childhood, I always love eating vegetables regardless their look, taste and smell. At least, I would give it a try. My grandmother grew her own food and vegetables her … Continue reading Herbs are My New Greens

Almond Turmeric Matcha Cappuccino 🍵

Why Almond Turmeric Matcha Cappuccino? I’ve been doing research on superfoods and foods that help to eliminate inflammation to ease my health conditions, Systematic Scleroderma and Lung Fibrosis. I got inspired by the goodness of Matcha and Turmeric, what they have to offer and eventually fallen in love with them. I drink Matcha tea and … Continue reading Almond Turmeric Matcha Cappuccino 🍵

Low-Carbs Gluten Free Kheer (keto friendly)

You don't have to feel the guilty about eating sweet dish like Kheer (a traditional Indian sweet delicacy) any more! I never thought I would be eating and making this India dessert so often. But now I do!!! The original Kheer usually contains fresh milk and lot of sugar. It's tasty, but has lots of … Continue reading Low-Carbs Gluten Free Kheer (keto friendly)

Healing My Scarred Lung with Food and Exercise


I have been living with lung condition called Lung Fibrosis or idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, assume to be caused by Systemic Scleroderma since 2012. The symptoms including. * Dry coughing * Chest discomfort, shortness of breath and chest pain * Fatigue and weakness. It can be scary living with a lung condition because I tend to … Continue reading Healing My Scarred Lung with Food and Exercise

Road to Recovery and Healing…It’s Exciting Time!


Finally! I got to really pen down my lessons, experiences and knowledges about myself and my relationship with food!!! After 6 years of procrastinating, 6 years of living with massive pains every single day and heavily medicated. I am now putting everything behind and move forward. I am now a better me. A bit broken but better.  … Continue reading Road to Recovery and Healing…It’s Exciting Time!